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    1. kimberly Lax

      Hi Twinkie,
      I am very much interested in this project, how do I get started
      On this ?
      This will be the first time I have ever crocheted for charity.

      • tissueboxbakery

        Hi, Kimberly! All you have to do is start crocheting a tissue box cozy and then send it to me! If you are able to wing it and make up your patterns and styles, that would be great! But if you need a few more sample patterns, that is my next goal. I just need to bang out a crochet painting for an art show and then I’ll get started on bulking up the patterns here!

    2. Cindie

      Hi Twinkie
      I just wanted to say Thank You for sharing the valentine cookie pattern. I just found your site – but guaranteed I will be visiting often!

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