Are you all finished with your tissue box cozy and would like to print a hang tag for it that I designed?

I created two printable hangtags for you. I recommend you print on cardstock.

1. Click on the hang tag that you want, and the PDF should pop up in your browser. The image will look really big, but that’s because it’s at a high resolution for a clean print out. The ribbon-shaped hang tag will print with a polka dot background, but it’s meant to be cut into the ribbon shape.

2. Print the page from your browser at a high quality print setting. You’ll see in the preview window that the graphic is actually only about 3 inches wide.

3. Cut out your hang tag. Write down the flavor of your cake and any information about you that you’d like to include. ┬áIf you are handy with editing graphics, feel free to type in your information before printing.

4. There is a spot at the bottom of the ribbon for the price. How do you price your tissue box cozy? That is entirely up to you. In my shop, I sell the cube-shaped cozies for about $60.00. For a charitable cause, I would lower the price. Ultimately, it is all up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

5. Punch a hole at the top of the tag, so that you can string the tag to your cozy.


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