The Inspiration for TBB’s New Color Scheme!

So, if anyone has started checking out the site, you’ll notice that I just changed up the color scheme and general feel of the place!

While clicking around the internet, I suddenly realized that my previous colors had been really close to the colors on another popular crochet designer’s website. It’s a color scheme I am generally fond of, and I was a bit sad to let it go, but my new inspiration for this site’s look is getting me all fired up again! Retro Bakery Time!

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 11.32.12 PM

Here’s the image I fell in love with that gave me my Eureka moment! Vintage Schilling sprinkles!

This is definitely helping me formulate ideas for our Tissue Box Bakery hangtags. I’m also gonna make a little blue ribbon graphic for people to put on their blogs/websites who donate cozies. It will say “I’m a Tissue Box Baker!”

But don’t worry. I’m also working on getting up more sample patterns for you guys. I know the clock is ticking for us to get our cozies together by Dec 21 – 22 for Renegade Craft Fair, SF. I spent all night building the PHOTO page to at least give you guys some visual ideas for your projects.

Thank you for following along! More soon! xo


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