Free Pattern: Citrus Twist – Lemon, Lime, Orange



This is a quick pattern for a lemon, lime, orange, or citrus slice to add on top of your cozies!

In the past, I have crocheted these with Cascade 220, since it comes in so many great colors, but I modified the pattern a little bit for a more regular worsted weight yarn, like Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, because it is more accessible in stores.

For any kind of citrus slice, there will usually be three colors: A) the fruit flesh color, which is general more pale than the skin, B) white, or the rind color, C) the skin color.



– H/8 5.0mm crochet hook
– Worsted weight yarn in 3 colors as described above. Here’s a  list of specific yarn that I used:

  • Lemon Slice: A) Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in Lemon, B) Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in White, C) Deborah Norville  Everyday Soft Worsted in Lemon
  • Lime Slice: A) Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Lime, B) Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in White, C) Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Kelly Green
  • Orange Slice: A) Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Caution, B) Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in White, C) Knit Picks Brava Worsted in  Orange

– scissors
– tapestry needle



Exact gauge is not essential to this project, but this is the approximate gauge that I work in:

16 sc x 18 rows = 4 inches x 4 inches



ch(s) =chain(s)
rnd(s) = round(s)
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
sl st =slip stitch
st(s) =stitch(es)
YO = yarn over
( ) = work everything in the parentheses into the next stitch
[  ] = repeat what is inside the brackets the number of times indicated


Citrus Twist


With A, make magic circle or ch 3 and sl st to 1st ch to form loop.

Row 1: Ch 1 and work 6 sc into loop. (6) Don’t join your rounds. While you are creating a circle, you’ll be working in turned rows in order to make a slit in the circle so that we can twist the whole slice later.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn.  [(2 sc)]  6 times. (12)

Row 3: Ch 1, turn.  [(2 sc), 1 sc] 6 times. (18)

Row 4: Ch 1, turn. [(2 sc), 2 sc] 6 times. (24)  Break off A, leaving a long tail (18 inches) for sewing your Citrus Twist to your cozy later. Join B.

Row 5: Ch 1, turn. [(2 sc), 3 sc] 6 times. (30) Break off B, leaving an arm length of yarn to create the white wedge lines. Join C.

Row 6: Ch 1, turn. [(2 sc), 4 sc] 6 times. (36) Break off. Weave in your short ends, but leave the long tails from A and B.


1. With a tapestry needle and your long tail from B, create the white wedge lines in your slice. I use the same technique to do this as I do in my pattern for the grapefruit scarf. You should weave the yarn through a few stitches first to begin your first line. Here is the diagram.

Grapefruit 2

2. Now you’re ready to sew your Citrus Twist to the top of a tissue cozy. Twist the free ends of the slice into opposite directions to create the curl, and then sew the slice with the long tail from A into the cozy in a straight line where the slice touches the cozy. You will probably have to weave the lime green yarn through a bit so that the curly ends can remain unsewn and free to curl up. I arrange all my citrus twists  first before sewing down, so that I can get an idea of where they will all fit, and then pin them into place.  Be aware of hole for the tissue and don’t sew anything over it!



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  1. Hanneke

    Love this patern. Thanks for sharing.

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