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Free Pattern: Chiffon Cake with Fruit Topping (Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, cube box)


I got an order in my Etsy shop forĀ  this custom tissue cozy. It’s a combination of this pattern for the main body of the cake and the toppings from my free Michaels.com pattern.

Fruit close

It took me a minute to figure out how I wanted to arrange the fruit on top, since there isn’t a lot of room to work with, plus, you can’t really put fruit over the tissue opening! But I think it turned out really cute!


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Free Pattern: Loopy White Cake with Strawberry Filling and Strawberries on Top (Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, Cascade 220)


This pattern is really similar to the Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting, except we use loop stitch to create a fun texture for the exterior frosting.

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Free Pattern: Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting (Red Heart Soft, Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted, cube box)


This pattern is basically the cube-shaped version of white Chiffon Cake, with the major difference being that this cozy will show the “inside” of the cake with some cake layers and frosting.

I chose Red Heart Soft for the chocolate because I think it’s a really nice, rich color. I generally prefer working with Vanna’s Choice, since I like the feel of it personally, but you really can’t beat the color here of the Red Heart Soft. I chose Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted for the yellow, because it is really bright, saturated, and kind of a cartoony version of what I imagine yellow cake to be. But you can pick your favorite cake flavor and frosting flavor to work up this cozy. (You can click on photos to enlarge them.)

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